Sessions privées

The individual attention you get during a private session allows you to progress much faster technically than in any of our other programs. You can optimize your technical abilities in each of the triathlon disciplines. Improve your swimming skills with proper body position and coordination, increase swim stroke efficiency, learn specific skills to open water swimming and racing in triathlon: sighting, mass starts, buoy turns and swim exit, while also gaining confidence in the water. Whether you are a beginner who needs some skills work or an elite that does not want to fall behind on draft legal and technical race courses, learn technical skills needed to become a safer and more technical rider for all aspects of racing: safe starts and stops, tight turns, bike handling, cadence, group riding and passing. Fine-tune your running stride and core positioning to improve your performance and prevent injuries. To maximize your learning, you will be asked to practice on your own time some specific skills between your private sessions.


Note that the entry cost to the pool facilities and reservation fees are the responsibility of the athlete and are not included in our coaching fees.


You are interested! Contact us by email at or by phone at 819-319-8735, so that we can understand your needs and objectives and work with you towards your goals.


First timer participant information
Before attending your first session with us, please fill-out the participant information form. This form needs to be updated by all athletes once a year.